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Helping the not-so-fortunate in these uncertain times

I can’t help but think that I and my family are pretty lucky. While the Coronavirus has shut down most of the state, my wife and kids and I are doing all right. Sara has plenty of work, the school district I’m working for is still paying me, and I’m able to post assignments for my students, plus I have this little side job as well.

But not everyone is so lucky. There are so many people whose lives are anything but secure right now. First responders are working around the clock. People employed at banks and grocery stores are getting exposed daily to the Coronavirus, and they’re working crazy hours, too. Nurses and docs and medical assistants still staff hospitals and treatment centers. And then there’s the whole segment of the population that is not working or are laid off, or are self-quarantining, or are very, very, sick. Thousands have died, and a hundred thousand are projected to die in the US alone.

I ask you all – especially those of us who are more fortunate than others – to give of yourselves in the weeks, months, and years ahead. This isn’t going to be over anytime soon.

As many of you know, I’m based in New England, so below I have a list of local charities offering and needing help in these uncertain times. Anyone is welcome to add to this list, and the charity or volunteer opportunity doesn’t have to be based in New England. If you know of a way to help or a volunteer opportunity, please email me through this site’s portal or email me directly at! I plan to update this list every few days or so.

Take care of yourselves and each other!

American Red Cross This organization needs blood donations. Check and see how you can help.

Neighbor Brigade This is an organization where neighbors help neighbors. Check this website to find a local chapter.

Acton Food Pantry, Acton MA This is a great organization that needs some local volunteers! They are based in Acton, Massachusetts.

Acton-Boxborough United Way Another great local group! Check them out if you’re in the Acton-Boxborough area or check their website for a local chapter.

Boxborough, MA Council on Aging A local group in Boxborough, MA that helps care for our vulnerable seniors. Not local? Check your town’s/city’s website for a similar organization.

Intellihelp This is a FB page where people can connect with one another to give one another a hand, and it’s nationwide.

Online Tutoring Do you have extra time to tutor children online? Email Judy Gatlin at the Minuteman Library Network at