Roads We've Traveled


  • For the Love and Rights of Animals

    January 16, 2018

    Bruce Zeman was in the middle of a lot of things in November of 2009. He was moving back to Vermont, buying a house, getting married, and creating a new morning radio show for 92.1 WVTK-FM, in Middlebury. When he received a call from the Addison County Humane Society in Middlebury, Vermont, asking him to […]

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  • Ordinary Heroes: Boston Cancer Support

    April 12, 2017

    BOSTON – Imagine that you’re sitting in your doctor’s office. You’re not sure what exactly what’s happening but you do know something is very wrong. Maybe you’re constantly weak or exhausted, maybe you’re in severe pain, or maybe you’re covered in bruises that you don’t remember getting. And then, your doctor comes in and he’s […]

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  • Ordinary Heroes: The Lawrence Exchange Club

    April 3, 2017

    While stopping at a local Middle Eastern restaurant called Shadi’s in North Andover, I saw a poster advertising a charity boxing event. As someone who’s boxed on and off since college – and someone who’s lamented the sport’s gradual decline, I decided to enquire further about the event. I met the folks involved in sponsoring it and, as it turns out, they’re a group of dedicated residents of the Lawrence area who help raise money for the betterment of their community and its youth. I asked if it was all right to talk to them about their work in their community and as a result, I have the first of several articles about volunteering. It's called "ordinary heroes" and part one, starts with the Lawrence Exchange Club.

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