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Alcohol Rehab Help joins our resources page

For those of us who’ve dealt with alcohol abuse — either because you or someone you love is struggling — it can be hard to admit the problem exists. It can be even harder to find helpful resources. I’ve had friends and relatives that struggled with alcohol, and I know dealing with it can be difficult.

I’m pleased to add Alcohol Rehab Help to our growing list of resources. According to Michelle Taylor, a recovery advocate for Alcohol Rehab Help:

  • “We provide free resources and information to help struggling individuals & families get their lives back on track.”

  • “Our website does not host any form of advertisement.”

  • “All content published on Alcohol Rehab Help is fact-based and original. It is all sourced from current scientific research, ensuring content is accurate, relevant, and up-to-date with current research and addiction terminology.”

I truly hope I can have a variety of resources to help people struggling with physical and mental issues. So, if any of you out there have a resource in mind that you believe will help other people, please feel free to email that resource to me at

Matt Mallio