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Whether it’s Ralph Waldo Emerson, T.S Eliot, or Jack Kerouac, we’ve all read quotes about life’s journey, and how it’s just as, if not more important, than the destination. We’ve all looked at where we are in our lives and recounted the positives and negatives of how we got there. We all have encountered adversity, worked to overcome obstacles in our paths, and conquered them. All too often we turn to celebrity stories for inspiration; for their journey. We may be completely unaware that someone living just a few doors down may be equally accomplished in their own right. In this website we hope to celebrate the stories and journeys of ordinary people and we hope you enjoy what you read!

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The New Me

I miss my son. I miss his face. I miss his bright blue eyes. I miss his gentle manner. I miss the way he would crawl around the house. I miss his smile. And I miss his laugh. God, I miss his laugh. And, I must say, I miss me. Carrying more weight Before Aidan […]

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New Resource: The Recovery Village

Not too long ago, I did a piece on the New England Center and Home for Veterans. In my research, I studied a lot of statistics on homelessness among our veterans, and they were, to say the very least, disheartening. The word I would prefer to use is “tragic.” According to the National Coalition for […]

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I’ve been foortunate enough to be approached by some incredible charities and nonprofits, asking me to add them to my resources page. Instead of just adding a resource to the page, I’ve asked for people to write a little bit about their organization and who they serve. Our latest resource is — an online […]

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Empathy, Part One: The Man I wish I could have helped

Author’s Note: I’ve been thinking a lot about empathy lately, or as it seems, the total lack thereof. Maybe it’s just me (and I truly hope it is), but I feel as if there is a generally Puritanical attitude towards the less fortunate in this country. Too many seem to believe that if you are […]

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Our Mission

Lately, it seems, our world has been all about our differences: black, white, conservative, liberal, Muslim, Christian, rich and poor. Our mission is to get beyond these labels and celebrate our similarities, our communities, and the achievements and the stories of ordinary people. We hope to show, through feature stories, blog posts, and commentary, that we all have something that we carry and that, maybe, if we hear the stories of neighbors and people we perceive to be different are, in the most basic and fundamental ways, not so different at all. From these realizations, I sincerely believe, can come empathy, a quality that, all too often, seems to be lacking in our public discourse.

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